sup, just in case you haven’t got my messages, i’m quitting game till the semesters out, so i’m gonna have to wait to run aberrant till the summer, sorry bout that -G.O.D.


hey guys, im changing the idea, now there will be two groups of guys in the game, namely kyle and john are gonna act as narrators for teh game and i will gm it.

good luck on character creation, hears the changes in making.

15 nova points, at least 2 mega stats, at least 1 power, no quantum minimum for powers, but the minimum will apply for raising powers and it will apply after character creation. also there is no brawl, happy creation.


to join

make me your freind once you join the site [toethumb]

i can do the rest

or if you give me your email i can do it that way



just so you know anything and everything is subject to change right up till the game begins



Ok guys this is where the background is going up and where we need to put our character backgrounds. I have set up most of my character background, and you guys can check it out by clicking the name on the side or checking the Wiki tab and clicking on the character name.

Set up an account then send me a PM to get me to add you. Start your characters people the game is coming!

(games on Thursday starting sometime to be announced, could be anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months.)


PS. Don’t change anything unless I give you the go-ahead, unless its your character or a page you create!

PSS. If you do decide to change something please make a note of what you change, and keep a copy of the unchanged item, thank you.


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