Henri Belcher

Scientest, Botonist, savior of Asia


Henri was born in Province region oo France. as he grew up he was fascinated with all manner of flora and fauna. as he grew up he engineering a large number of new versions of bacteria. he became recognized as he saved Asia with his new bacterium that fed off of Nuclear Isotopes. after wards he tried to prototype a bacterium that fed of of common garbage. He chose the city of Sidney to test it in. in three days the country of Australia was quickly becoming barren as the bacteria quickly devoured the continent, to kill the bacterium Australia was nuked. Henri is currently being held awaiting his trial.

“I was asked to build a batiem that would eat teh worlds Garbage, why am i being tried because its doing tis job? it is common Knowledge that Sidney was a cespool of sin and debauchery. the world is better of without it.” -Henri Belcher

Henri Belcher

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