Patrick O'Hannan

Former IRA/Irish Detective, Current CIA agent/Fugitive

  • Name: Patrick O’Hannan
  • Age: 28
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 185 lbs.

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WARNING!: Reading the following may cause you to exhibit signs of Biography envy and displaced anger. Its not my fault you suck at life so don’t bitch at me about it.

Standing a good six feet and weighing no more than one hundred and ninety pounds Patrick sports a lithe and athletic build; with a short crop of unkempt ‘Irish Red’ hair and a mild, almost non-existent, Irish accent. Most often seen wearing an open dinner jacket and dress shirt with black slacks Patrick exudes a kind of aloof confidence that causes those around him to see him as a leader. His confidence is well deserved from both serving under both the Irish People and the United states for the better part of his life.

So, you wanna know more about me do you? Well sit back and get ready for a tale. I was born in Ireland deep in rebel territory to two unsuspecting village folk. As fate may have it my parents were killed when I was just two. Left to some family friends I was forced to grow up quickly. It didn’t help that the people I went to live with were also part of the IRA neither. I grew up on a farm with a couple other families. Being raised on two parts Nationalism, one part Militia and only a few sprinklings of love my life wasn’t the best around. There are a few things I wouldn’t change about growing up on that farm though. My family taught me how to survive. My family taught me how to love, and in that love I met the love of my life Sasha. Sasha was the daughter of one of the other families that lived on the farm with us. She and Jimmy, my best friend, were the only reason I made it through the long days.

Not all that glitters is gold however.

After the death of those he loved Patrick decided to leave the fighting behind and run off to college to ‘better’ himself. His decision to leave his remaining friends behind was not a small one; often, while in college, Patrick would stay up at night warring over whether or not he made the right choice. His mid-night ruminations and his deep sense of regret coupled with his unresolved depression led Patrick down a failing spiral. The classes he was taking held no interest for Patrick; instead of listening to lectures and doing his work Patrick found himself thinking of the good fight.

Resigned to failing college and returning to the fighting Patrick decided to stay on for the remainder of the semester lest he waste his money. Wanting to get back into the mind set he would need to be of any use in the fight Patrick signed up for a lecture given by Shamus Mc’Herrin entitled, “Irish Terrorism, The Modern Criminal, and How to know when someone wants to kill you.” Expecting it to be a pro-British rule kind of seminar Patrick was gearing for some biased drivel that would drive him into action. He was pleasantly surprised however when the seminar turned out to be centered around the immoral and felonious acts the British government had done to soften up the IRA. Astounded by the way that Shamus portrayed his chosen field of Criminal Pathology Patrick quickly became interested and began to do his own research.

To Come:

  • - Chosen field of study
  • - Acceptance into Law Enforcement
  • - Search for fiance’s killer (after finding out it was a hit)
  • - Eruption during interrogation after finding out best friends involvement and living status
  • - Offer of position in the CIA
  • - Acceptance of position and subsequent rising in the ranks.
  • - Abduction after killing former best friend with a psychic blast in a fit of rage.

Patrick O'Hannan

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